Core Values

Franciscan Outreach Volunteers live in intentional community with one another.  Community living unites volunteers in a common purpose, working cooperatively to create a lifestyle that reflects their shared commitment to the core values of service, spirituality and simple living.  Community life offers volunteers a wealth of resources and support in the daily struggles and triumphs that come with serving those in need.  Volunteers share household responsibilities and take part in weekly community meetings and community nights. Tour here.

Franciscan Outreach Volunteers provides opportunities for direct service to people who are homeless.  Volunteers encourage a welcoming spirit of hospitality that respects the dignity of each person regardless of their situation in life. Volunteers are placed at one site for the year; either the Marquard Center Soup Kitchen or the House of Mary and Joseph Shelter.  Volunteers serve full-time at 40 hours per week.

Franciscan Outreach Association is rooted in the Catholic faith, Gospel values and Franciscan tradition.  The Franciscan Outreach Volunteer Program recognizes and welcomes that volunteers come with various experiences of spirituality.  Volunteers are given opportunities throughout the year to explore, develop and enhance their individual and communal spirituality primarily through three retreats and weekly reflections.  Reflections are led by each community member to help lay the foundation in which volunteers explore and grow in their spirituality.  Additional opportunities for faith-sharing, celebration, and prayer are offered as optional events throughout the year.

Simple Living
Franciscan Outreach Volunteers are called to live simply, both individually and as an intentional community.  Simple living joins personal lifestyle choices with experiences at each service site.  Simple living is about more than money and possessions; it is primarily focused on building relationships and fully immersing oneself into the year-long experience.  By pledging to live simply, volunteers develop a greater commitment to service and solidarity with those they serve.