Friday, February 2, 2018

A Winter Retreat by the Lake

Hi everyone!

This month I would like to report something about our retreat at Lake Puckaway,WI.

Before I start to tell you about the retreat,  I will explain shortly for the people who don´t know what a retreat at Franciscan Outreach means. A retreat for us volunteers means that our community (all the volunteers plus Rachel and StephJ) will go for a few days on vacation out of town. We talk about community life (How is community going? Do we have any problems? How is work going?, etc.) and do a lot of activities. Most of the activities are pretty fun, for example walking with the whole community on the frozen Lake Puckaway. But some are also very spiritually and  mentally deep.

We went from the 12th of January til the 14th of January to Lake Puckaway. StephJ´s parents, who are super nice to our community and also do a lot for us volunteers, invited us to their lake house. It´s right next to the lake. And the view out of the windows is just incredibly amazing, because you see the whole lake!

Clemens exploring Lake Puckaway

We started our trip on the 12th in the evening after the kitchen staff were done with their work. We drove with two cars (because we are too many people for one car) up to Wisconsin round about 4 hours.

After we arrived, it was circa midnight, so we ate a snack and went to bed. The next morning we woke up really early and had a great breakfast and did a few reflections this day and talked about how the community life is going etc. After the reflections we went on the frozen lake and enjoyed the awesome atmosphere. Dominik and I walked to the middle of the lake and watched the anglers while they did their ice fishing. This was definitely an awesome experience!

On Sunday we also did three reflections which was really important for our community because we talked a lot about deep stuff. And in the evening we played some nice games like "Werewolf" and "Taboo".

On Monday morning we went, after we had breakfast and took a lot of nice community pictures on the frozen lake, back to Chicago.

It was a great weekend, thanks everyone!

By: Clemens Schumacher
Hometown: Peine, Germany