Wednesday, June 18, 2014

SunSea-The Best Way to Experience Chicago


Recently, our community was schedule to take a boat tour on Lake Michigan and the Chicago River.  We had been looking forward to this for a long time and were excited to have time together in this city we've all fallen in love with.  The weather forecast didn't cooperate initially.  We were scheduled to go in the morning but rip tide warnings, thunderstorms, and high winds prevented us from doing so.  Fortunately, we were able to reschedule for later that same night.
Timo on the SunSea
We started the tour at 7:30 pm on Lake Michigan, south of downtown Chicago, and headed north towards the River.  This route provided an impressive sight, or like my roommate Zach prefers to say "phenomenal" views on Chicago's skyline while the sun sank behind the imposing buildings.
After we got some instructions inside the boat and had some food, we started to explore and enjoyed sitting outside breathing in the fresh air.  It was also a great opportunity to take some pictures together, talk, and enjoy quality time with friends who have become family this year.
Hannah, Gracie, Kendall, Sara, and Kelly
Patrick, Timo, and Emily
We passed Navy Pier and entered the lock that takes boats into the Chicago River.  As we rode into the city it slowly got dark.  Diana, the Franciscan Outreach Executive Director, shared the historical background and interesting facts about the city and the buildings along the River.

Some of us were dancing to the music on the deck; others were acting pirate-like while listening to the soundtrack of Pirates of the Caribbean, and others even had the chance to fulfill lifelong dreams of standing at the rail of a boat like Jack and Rose in The Titanic.
Mustafa and Mike
When we turned around to head back the sun had set and the city presented itself with the pretty lights shimmering as reflections on the water.  It seemed almost provocative how Chicago showed off its beautify...and all of us who will leave the city this summer became a little sad about our time wrapping up so quickly.  It was comforting to just bundle up together under some blankets and enjoy the wonderful moment.
When we got back to the lock to re-enter Lake Michigan we couldn't pass because it was Wednesday night and the fireworks were about to begin.  We ended up being as close as physically possible to the fireworks display!  We saw the fireworks from the top of the boat, a unique experience, especially with the fog.
2013-14 Franciscan Outreach Volunteers
This was an incredible experience!  I would like to thank SunSea, Captain Ted, and his crew-member Sara for donating this amazing experience to our community. Thank you!

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