Monday, May 12, 2014

Welcome to the 3rd Floor


This blog has a lot of posts about our work, our experiences during our year of service, and the impact it has on us.  But we don't only work together, we also live together.  And this is what this post is all about - the space that we share with each other this year, the place where we spend the most time as a community...our home.
Marquard Center
So let's start our little tour...

Welcome to the third floor of the Marquard Center.  When you come through the door you're basically already in the middle of the apartment.  We call it the computer area for the obvious reason that the community computer is located here.  This room is kind of the center just because all the other rooms and hallways come together in this space.  There are also bulletin boards with information on upcoming events.  From this room you have access to our laundry room, the kitchen, living room, and two hallways that lead to bedrooms.
Foyer/Computer area
To the left of the computer room you will find both the "blue" and "yellow" hallways.
"Yellow" hallway

The two hallways mirror each other and each have a bathroom, 4 individual bedrooms, and a little hangout area with some couches that are great for reading a book or watching movies together.

Yellow hallway hangout area
Note Mustafa left for his hallway when he went away for a weekend
Bedroom (not shown: chair, desk, wardrobe)
Back to the computer area.  Going to the right you'll find the living room and the kitchen.The kitchen is probably our most used space.
Kitchen/dining room
Kitchen/Chalkboard Wall
The walls just got painted and it has two of my absolute favorite parts of our home.  One of those things is our "inspiration wall" where everyone is welcome to post whatever they think should fit there.  We have collected letters from visitors, poems from one of our reflections, objects from our mid-year retreat, etc.

The second thing I love about our kitchen is our chalkboard wall.  It is helpful if you want to share things with the rest of the community like a grocery list or just plans for the day.  It always makes me happy to find little notes, drawings, or quotes on it when I come into the kitchen.
Chalkboard Wall
The kitchen is just a place where we all come together.  We share community dinners, but it's way more than that.  We share our highs and lows of the day, jokes and great moments, we just spend time together talking.  For some reason that always happens more in the kitchen than in the living room and no one really knows why because our living room is pretty great as well.
We got a great couch donated just this year.  It's also the home of our fish. We still spend time in here too though.  We all come together in the living room for our weekly community reflections and meetings or just for a relaxed movie night.

Living Room (Not pictured: Fish)
Other side of living room
Behind the living room and the kitchen you find the last of our three hallways.

3rd hallway
Bedroom (Not pictured: Chair, wardrobe, dresser)
This hallway has 2 more bathrooms, 5 personal bedrooms, and a guestroom.
All-in-all, I think living in community together, in this apartment, is one of the many reasons this year is such a great experience.  We get to share our everyday life, our different traditions, and backgrounds with one another.  This space played a role in us really becoming a community and has become home to me this year.