Thursday, August 22, 2013

Meet our 2013-14 Community!

Back Row: Ephraim, Patrick, Mike, Timo, Zach, Mustafa
Front Row: Emily, Saskia, Kelly, Gracie, Kristen, Sara, Hannah

Kristen serves as our Community Assistant.  While a southerner at heart, she has been in Chicago for many years working in urban ministry and absolutely loves the diversity and energy of the city.  She served for a year for Mission Year Chicago and has a M.A. Social Justice and Community Development from Loyola. Kristen just returned from living and serving in Costa Rica at a non-profit bilingual school.

Hannah comes to us from Tulsa, OK.  She recently graduated from Wheaton College with a degree in Anthropology.  While in school, she had the opportunity to live in Cambodia, teaching English.  She hopes to work with immigrants and/or refugees in the future and possibly live internationally. Hannah loves learning other languages. She is serving at the Franciscan House shelter as a CVN AmeriCorps member.

Timo has traveled all the way from Hamminkeln, Germany and is serving at the Franciscan House shelter.  He chose to do this year because he wants to do something good for society. He loves traveling and learning new things about different countries. He also enjoys motor biking. Timo hopes to become a mechanical engineer one day.

Ephraim joins us from Berlin, Germany. He has 6 siblings and claims to get along with all of them at all times.  He just finished high school and sees this year as an opportunity for character development.  He loves rap music and has been rapping himself for 5 years. He is serving at the Franciscan House shelter. 

Emily went to boarding school at Culver Academy in Indiana. She then spent a year living in rural Senegal; working with the NGO, Millennium Village Project.  After her experience working at a local medical clinic, she desires to become a nurse and provide quality healthcare to women in Africa. She is serving as a CVN AmeriCorps Member at the Marquard Center.

Gracie hails from Hudson, OH and is serving as a CVN AmeriCorps Member at the Marquard Center. She graduated this year from the University of Dayton with a degree in psychology.  She lived and served in Appalachia for 2.5 months, an experience which inspired this year of service.  In the near future, Gracie hopes to hike the Appalachian Trail from start to finish.

Patrick hails from Bielefeld, Germany.  He is serving his second year with FOV, at the Franciscan House shelter, because he loves Chicago, living in community, and had a wonderful experience his first year.  Patrick hopes to go to university in the States next year to study graphic design.  He loves exploring new parts of the city.

Mike joins us from Hillsboro, NJ.  He studied theology at Boston College. He likes watching basketball and is always discovering new music to listen to. Mike studied Hebrew Bible in Israel.  He wants to go back to graduate school to study divinity and social work. He is serving as a CVN AmeriCorps Member at the Marquard Center.

Saskia  is from Nottuln, a small village in the northwest part of Germany. She just graduated high school and this is her first time in the US.  For the past 2.5 years, she worked at a gym, in reception.  She loves spending time with her friends and experiencing different things with them. Saskia is serving at the Franciscan House shelter.

Zach traveled the smallest distance, hailing from Woodstock, IL. He attended Augustana University, receiving a degree in anthropology and business. While in school, he led a fundraising effort called Crossline for Divide for his fraternity, raising over $3,000. Zach loves playing the guitar.  He also travels because he is fascinated with new cultures.  Zach is one of our cooking masters, trying out new recipes all the time! He is serving as a CVN AmeriCorps Member at the Marquard Center.

Sara is from Florence, TX and recently graduated from Texas A&M University with a B.A. in English.  While she is not quite sure what her next step in life will be, she is trying her best to trust in God's will.  She would like to continue her education in not-for-profit work. Sarah loves watching old movies.  She used to watch TCM with her Dad. Sara is serving as a CVN AmeriCorps Member at the Marquard Center.

Mustafa is originally from Havixbeck, Germany, but is actually Turkish. After finishing his service in Chicago, he wants to study medicine and become a doctor. He speaks German, Turkish and English and wishes to learn other languages in the future. Mustafa also enjoys playing the guitar and watching sports, particularly soccer and basketball. He is serving at the Franciscan House shelter.  

Kelly comes from Fall River, MA, where she just graduated with a degree in bio-chemistry from UMASS-Dartmouth. She is serving as a CVN AmeriCorps Member at the Marquard Center. She has worked as a CNA for the past four years and plans to attend medical school following this year, to become a cardio or ER doctor.  Kelly loves to rock climb and is searching for the perfect rock climbing gym.