Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter: A Time to Come Together


Easter serves as the first big holiday in the spring and my favorite holiday of the year.  Everyone comes together to celebrate and we continued that tradition as a community.

During Holy Week many community members attended various services throughout Chicago including the East Vigil and Easter Sunday Masses.  On Sunday we had a big brunch together in the community kitchen.  It was great sitting around our table together and sharing in a meal that each person helped to prepare.  We had a lot of food!  From potatoes to eggs, donuts to fruit salad.  This time together was especially great because it's unusual that we are all eating breakfast together.  Our different work schedules don't usually allow us to have breakfast with everyone in the community at the same time.  Holidays and special occasions are my favorite time with the community because you have the opportunity to share traditions that you usually wouldn't get to.  Community brunch served as the perfect start to the day.

I serve at the House of Mary and Joseph Shelter this year.  The Shelter has a special spirit on holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter.  The guests are usually very happy on those days and Easter was no exception.  Everyone was smiling, some of them were dancing or joking around with us.  When I walk through the mens dorm I usually say 'goodnight' to each of the guys.  As I was doing this on Easter the answer wasn't the usual 'goodnight'.  Instead everyone was giving me high fives on my way through the dorm.  This was really funny and an awesome feeling. It made me realize the great relationships I'm building with the guys. Moments like these remind me that this was the best choice I could have made for myself this year.  These guys are some of the most grateful people I ever met.

There was certainly a spirit of hope and resurrection in the air this Easter.  God continues to bring us closer together as a community and renews my commitment to serve the guests as best I can.